ABC hosted a Town Hall on October 15, 2020 with presidential candidate Joseph Biden entitled “The Vice President and the People.”  ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos moderated the event which took place at the Kimmel Theater in the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Executive Vice President of Design, Dennis Size, lit the Town Hall along with Gaffer Jon Goss, Programmer Teddy Sosna, and Assistant Lighting Designer Alex Kyle.

A unique aspect of this Town Hall was that each of the 22 Pennsylvania voters stood at their seat to ask former Vice President Biden questions.  Typically, the voter would have been escorted to a single Question and Answer Position to ask their question.  The change was due to COVID-19 health precautions and made for a more complicated production since it greatly increased the positions that were lit and the camera angles used.  The design team took on this challenge and carefully lit all positions for a memorable Town Hall experience.