Since coming to LDG from the world of theatre/dance lighting in 2000, Mark had overseen Production and Operations. Now as LDG’s Executive Vice President of Systems, he focuses on lighting systems design and architectural lighting design for permanent broadcast installations.  A leader in the design of energy-efficient broadcast lighting systems, Mark was a keynote speaker at the 2017 Arri 100th Anniversary conference in Berlin with Dennis Size and 2015 International Lighting Forum at CUC University in Beijing. Mark has also spoken on the subject to the National Association of Broadcasters and at the Live Design International Conferences. Recent international projects include the design of broadcast lighting systems for MBC Dubai, CCTV Beijing, NTV Istanbul, TV Today Mumbai, and Bloomberg facilities in NYC, London, Hong Kong, and Washington DC. Mark and the LDG systems team are currently designing new broadcast infrastructure projects in, New York, London and China.