ABC’s Tamron Hall invites viewers to engage in meaningful and entertaining discussions and connect with people who are shaping our world.  To establish this atmosphere, Executive Vice President of Design, Dennis Size, along with Lighting Designers Ariel Benjamin and Josh Windhausen, designed a balanced environment that is warm and inviting, but flexible enough to adjust the mood of the show for any given segment.

Season two of Tamron Hall premiered on Sept. 14, 2020 in ABC’s Studio TV2.  The show was rebranded in the midst of the pandemic with new graphics and altered scenic and lighting designs to reflect the new look. The set is draped in gold and pale blue backlit bands to create an intimate atmosphere where the host can speak with her guests on a variety of subjects from lighthearted topics like cooking segments, fashion shows, and musical performances to hard-hitting human-interest stories about survival, crime, and personal tragedy.  A large video wall behind Hall enables her to have a virtual audience and conduct interview segments while maintaining safe distance.  Commendations to our design team who worked through the unusual challenges presented by the pandemic to present a beautiful engaging talk show.