Meet the Press broadcasted from their new studio in the heart of Washington D.C. on January 24, 2021.  Senior Designer Niel Galen relit this popular Sunday morning public affairs program which has been on the air for over 70 years.   

The redesigned studio combines colonial architecture with a modern twist.  A center piece of the studio is a wooden round table with modern red chairs, which can seat up to four people with the moderator Chuck Todd, once social distancing is over. It is enclosed by colonial blue archways and panel walls that can be moved to reveal expansive windows.  The table is cleverly lit to be shot in the round without hidden cameras.  Todd’s main desk is located in another area of the studio with the newsroom as the background.  The colonial style desk is brought into the twenty-first century with LEDs and a warm vibrant red color.  Galen’s beautiful lighting design of both of the large studio illuminates the modern and traditional elements providing a clean crisp design.  Congratulations to Galen and to all the talented people who worked on this important design.