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Steven Brill

CBS/Worldwide Pants

CBS/Embassy Row Productions

  • CBS Morning Show


  • Senator Ted Kennedy Funeral
  • This Week @ Newseum
    Washington DC
  • National Cathedral - Ford Funeral
  • National Cathedral - Reagan Funeral
  • Good Morning America
    USS Enterprise
  • Good Morning America at Sea
    Submarine Shoot
  • New Years Eve 2001
  • 20/20 Segments
  • World News Tonight
  • Good Morning America 
Republican National Party

Current TV
  • Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Carsey-Werner Company
  • The Cosby Show
  • You Bet Your Life

Middle East Television Network
  • Al Hurra Network Studios

Lucky Duck Productions
  • Nick News

Martha Stewart Living
  • Martha Stewart Living

Selected Television Lighting Design

National Broadcasting Company - Sports

National Broadcasting Company - News

Bloomberg LP



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