Meet Our Designers


  Executive Design Staff

  Steven Brill

  Dennis Size

  Mark London

  Senior Design Staff

  Dan Kelley

  Niel Galen

  Douglas Cox

  Mike Grabowski

  Brian McRae

  Staff Designers

  Lane Sparber

  Paul Lohr
  Sean McLoughlin

  Adam Gabel

  Anna Jones

  Lance Darcy

  Kevin Hardy

  Joshua Windhausen

  Dan Rousseau

  Joshua Cutler

  Ariel Benjamin

  William Albertelli
  Fred Uebele

  Richard Hoyes

  Rachel Alulis

  Adrian Sharkey

  Ryan Mutton
Sean McLoughlin

  • The Suze Orman Show (relight)
  • Wall Street Journal Report (relight)
  • High Net Worth (relight)
  • New York Stock Exchange Broadcasting Location
Selected Television Lighting Design

Assistant Lighting Design

  • Good Morning America (relight)
  • Good Morning America Summer Concert Series
  • The Ellen Degeneres Show (relight)

  • WCBS Local News New York
  • WCBS Weather Center

Assistant Lighting Design

  • Centerstage

  • Lidia’s Family Table

  • Torino Olympics 2006 (draftsman)

Lighting Direction


  • Squawk Box
  • Squawk on the Street
  • The Call
  • Power Lunch
  • Street Signs
  • Closing Bell
  • Kudlow and Co.
Lighting Direction

  • American Morning
  • In The Money
  • Open House
  • Lou Dobbs Tonight
  • Paula Zahn Now
  • Glenn Beck
  • Larry King Live
  • On The Money
  • Donny Deutsch
  • Mad Money

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Meet the Designers

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