Meet Our Designers


  Executive Design Staff

  Steven Brill

  Dennis Size

  Mark London

  Senior Design Staff

  Dan Kelley

  Niel Galen

  Douglas Cox

  Mike Grabowski

  Brian McRae

  Staff Designers

  Lane Sparber

  Paul Lohr
  Sean McLoughlin

  Adam Gabel

  Anna Jones

  Lance Darcy

  Kevin Hardy

  Joshua Windhausen

  Dan Rousseau

  Joshua Cutler

  Scott Laurentz

  Ariel Benjamin

  William Albertelli
  Fred Uebele

  Richard Hoyes

  Clay Harding

  Janet Berka

  Rachel Alulis

  Adrian Sharkey

  Ryan Mutton
Mark London


  • Time Warner Studios
  • Time Life Studios

FOX Network
  • Fox Business Channel Studio G
  • Fox News Channel Studios H & J

Lucky Duck Productions
  • Lucky Duck Studio

Bloomberg LP (view article)


The Food Network
  • Chelsea Market Studios

Chiswick Park Theatre
  • Performance Lighting System

  • Abu Dhabi Media Zone Studios(under development)
Broadcast Studio/Theatrical Systems Design

Whitney Museum of American Art
  • Portable Lighting Systems

National Geographic Society
  • Grosvenor Auditorium

MTN (Middle East Television Network)
  • News Bureau Studios

Bronx Preparatory School
  • Auditorium Lighting System

Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • BAM Harvey Theatre Lighting System
  • BAM Café Performance Lighting

Thomson Reuters

  • Lincoln Center Studios

US Department of State
  • Briefing Room

Manhattan Neighborhood Network
  • New Firehouse Studios

Architectural Design

Brown Forman

Neue Gallery
  • Gallery Live Events

Architectural Design

The Home Depot U.S.A. Inc.
  • 59th St. Urban Theatre – New York, NY
  • 23rd St. Demonstration Area – New York, NY

Alliance Capital Management
  • Corporate Training Facility

Operations Management

The Lighting Design Group
  • Vice President of Operations

Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • Director of Capital Projects

Lighting Design

Brooklyn Philharmonic
  • Resident Lighting Designer

Jazz, The Next Wave
  • Resident Lighting Designer

Stars of Bolshoi and Kirov Ballet
  • National Tour

Noche Flamenca DeMadrid
  • National and International Tours
Lighting Design

Zvi Dance
  • Resident Designer
  • National and International Tours

Iso Dance
  • National and International Tours

Chinese Opera of Taipei
  • National Tours

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Meet the Designers

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