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  Executive Design Staff

  Steven Brill

  Dennis Size

  Mark London

  Senior Design Staff

  Dan Kelley

  Niel Galen

  Douglas Cox

  Mike Grabowski

  Brian McRae

  Staff Designers

  Lane Sparber

  Paul Lohr
  Sean McLoughlin

  Adam Gabel

  Anna Jones

  Lance Darcy

  Kevin Hardy

  Joshua Windhausen

  Dan Rousseau

  Joshua Cutler

  Ariel Benjamin

  William Albertelli
  Fred Uebele

  Richard Hoyes

  Rachel Alulis

  Adrian Sharkey

  Ryan Mutton
Dan Kelley

Sesame Workshop
  • Sesame Street (Emmy Award)
  • Elmo the Musical
  • Super Grover 2.0
  • Crumbly Pictures Presents


NBC Sports Network

The Golf Channel

Bloomberg LP
  • New York Studios Design
  • San Francisco Studio Design

  • Pool Coverage President Ford Funeral

  • The Dana Carvey Show

  • Viva La BAM White Wedding
  • MTV2: $2 Bill Live Concert Series
  • The Jon Stewart Show
  • Woodstock '94, Woodstock '99
  • House of Style with Cindy Crawford (specials)
  • Video Music Awards Pre Shows
  • Choose or Lose Town Meeting with Al Gore

Robert Small Entertainment
  • Snick House Underground with the Baha Men
  • The Big Helpathon
  • Comics Come Home V

  • News Studio Design, Budapest

Selected Television Lighting Design

Al Jazeera

  • New York Studio Design

  • New York Studio Design

  • Town Hall on Bullying with Anderson Cooper
  • 2008 Election Night Coverage
    Phoenix Remote
  • Final Farewell to Ronald Reagan
    with Paula Zahn
  • Clinton Global Summit

  • White Guy Talk Show
  • Hoppus on Music
  • Fuse News
  • The Killers Live
  • Foo Fighters at Madison Square Garden (consultant)
  • The Cure at Madison Square Garden (consultant)

Fox Network

Comedy Central
  • Viva Variety
  • Bert Fershners Comedy Special
  • Politically Incorrect


  • LIVE 8 - Philadelphia
  • 100 Greatest Moments that Rocked TV

  • Rock Out with John Cougar
  • Global G.U.T.S.

  • John Mayer Trio at Bowery Ballroom
  • Natasha Bedingfield at the Nokia Theater

Tupelo Honey Productions
  • Love Train - The Sound of Philadelphia
    LIVE in Concert
  • 2006 Paintball Championship
    at Mohegan Sun

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Meet the Designers

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